Richmond Custom Candlemaking Session

Richmond Custom Candlemaking Session

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1321 1/2 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia  Type the Corner Lofts in your GPS for more accurate directions. 

Is there a grace period?

We give you 15 minutes after your session time to arrive. Anyone arriving after 15 minutes, will have to reschedule. This also applies even if you are with a group. We take pride in giving you a full experience and would not want to rush you.

What does $45 include? 

One single seat reservation

Two beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

All candlemaking materials including your candle

What is the experience?

Get ready to ignite your creativity and indulge in an extraordinary candlemaking experience that will leave you feeling inspired! As you dive into the art of candlemaking, you'll be treated to a sensory delight, sipping on wine and vibing to music. Let the ambiance set the mood as you unleash your inner artist and craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With every step, you'll be guided through the entire process. And the best part? At the end of your session, your creation is ready to take with you, no need to wait or come back for pick-up. So whether you choose to embark on this adventure solo, with a special someone, or in the company of a group, get ready to immerse yourself in an experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a beautiful candle to treasure forever.

Can my group pay separately and sit together?

YES! Come up with a cool name for everyone to put down as the reservation name such as “Alex’s Bachelorette Crew”. Book your individual reservations online and it will show us that you all need to be seated together. No worries if someone did not put the same reservation name. Just let your instructor know when you arrive. 

What is parking like? 
Street parking is available for free. There is also a paid parking lot and parking garage across from The Residence Inn Marriott at our same intersection.